Performing on New Year’s Eve (2021/2022) at CityWalk Orlando was a dream come true. Let’s back up… The world experienced a pandemic in 2020, which temporarily stopped all DJ performances at Citywalk for almost 2 years. Next, came a whirlwind of personal hardship including a divorce and the loss my […]

A Dream Come True. CityWalk Orlando, NYE

Another year…another Halloween mix! In last year’s post, I wrote about COVID, and while that’s still around…this year, we need to talk about the gruesomely horrifying Squid Game series on Netflix. It’s not at all Halloween themed, but it’s disturbing enough to win the honorable mention on this post. In […]

Halloween Scare Zone 2021

Here it is…my last production of 2020. I can’t think of a better way to wrap up this year than to go out with a bang and look ahead to a new beginning…one we so desperately need! Those insanely cool 8-bit sounds you hear on the riser were created using […]

Manos Arriba (Hands Up)

Some new fire coming out of the studio! This is my first trance record, and as I was writing it, I could not help but to reminisce on some of the great trance albums from the early 2000’s. Artists like Paul Oakenfold and George Acosta were just killing it with […]

We’re All Mad Here

I am releasing a new track this month, but this time I had the help of my boys (Ages 8 and 10) – more on this in a bit. Weeks ago, I started making a new Drum and Bass track, and the process was moving along at a fairly decent […]

Adrian Gets His Ice Cream

This is my 2nd Drum and Bass production, and it started with a little experimentation using lo-fi samples. As the track progressed, it took on a life of its own. It sounds less like a lo-fi Wu-Tang track and more like fun rhythmic stroll down the Midway of your local […]


Just released a new track called, “Growler.” Why Growler? I have no clue! Ask my wife if you want to find out more on the name. All I know is she listened to it, and then she named it “Growler.” There you have it. It will forever be on the […]


I’m EXCITED to release a new single called, “Nervous Breakdown!” It’s a Trap banger with some Dubstep influence soon to be available on iTunes, Spotify, and other distribution channels.

Nervous Breakdown

This is a TRAP BANGER, and it will be my first widely distributed track on major music platforms. Bucket list item…check! In the coming days, weeks, or months, (no idea how long it will take to hit all platforms) this track will be available on major distribution platforms including Spotify, […]