Just released a new track called, “Growler.” Why Growler? I have no clue! Ask my wife if you want to find out more on the name. All I know is she listened to it, and then she named it “Growler.” There you have it. It will forever be on the interwebs with this name, and I think it’s just fine! I mean, if you listen to the breakdown there are some growling undertones, I guess.

Before Growler came about, I was actually working on something different…a breakbeat track. I was struggling to finish it and rather than force the production, I abandoned it…for now, anyway. So I moved on to something new. Enter…Drum and Bass!

This is a Genre like no other, and something I have always listening to. If you attended raves in the early 2000s, there was a pretty good chance you would have found me hanging out at the DnB stage. Between the sick drum lines and the dope MCs, it was like a fusion of electronic music, hip hop, and reggae. I’ve posted a few drum and bass mixes of my own (Jailbreak 007 and Subsonic Harmonics) if you just want to press play and let it ride for an hour, but if you are just looking for a small taste, then look no further than…wait for it… GROWLER!

This. Felt. Right.


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