More Breaks

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I believe I recorded this album sometime between 2003 and 2004, and it represents an evolution in my personal taste. The “Florida Breaks” album that preceded this was a more “typical”  breakbeat sound, whereas this album began to incorporate a more progressive/intelligent breakbeat sound. When you begin to deviate from an iconic Florida breakbeat sound (i.e. DJ Icey), you end up with sub-genres of music. You really start to notice this difference in tracks 4, 6, and 9-11. I spun this set live at a rave on a farm, somewhere in Florida. That was a venue to remember!

01 DJ Snowman - Waves (Electrance Mix)
02 Infinity and Keith MacKenzie - Shadow
03 R-Fresh and Infinity - Get Fresh
04 Spacemen - M.O.T.U. V2.0
05 D-Pimp - Overload
06 John Creamer & Stephane K - I Love You (Hybrid Mix)
07 Rob-E and Security - LowFreak
08 Merlyn - Solar Flares
09 Kraymon - Who Wants Some (Elite Force Mix)
10 Quiet Killaz - Critical Level
11 Arthur Baker vs New Order - Confusion (Koma and Bones Mix)

Recorded using real vinyl on my first pair of turntables, the special edition translucent blue Gemini PT2410’s…ah the memories. Pictured below, is an image of me spinning this set, at that farmland rave, using someone else’s equipment.