Florida Breaks

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I can’t remember the exact date, but I believe this was recorded in either 2002 or 2003. It was my first ever recording with zero edits from start to finish. This is as pure as it gets….all vinyl, no digital correction, just pure, unadulterated mixing. I can remember making it all the way toward the tracks at the end of the album, messing something up, and then starting over. It was a long road, but worth travelling, to have this time capsule (of sorts). It’s a breakbeat set that really captures the essence of what electronic music sounded like, especially in Orlando, Florida, at that time. Orlando was the home of DJ Icey, who truly put breakbeats on the map, in a very big way. Track 11, “K-Roc – People of the Night (Lord of the Beats Mixx),” was never intended to be included in this mix, but I was feeling really good about it at the time and, well…I had that Frank-the-Tank (Old School reference) moment of, “He gon’ do one more!” And so I did…

01 Monsoon - Africa (Orig. Breakbeat Mix)
02 Infiniti - Make the World a Bitter Place
03 Jackal & Hyde - Go Bang! (Hydraulic-Bass Overhaul)
04 Magic Mike & Infiniti - 2001
05 Vibal - Come & Get It (Dave London & Filthy Rich Bootcamp Remix)
06 R-Fresh & Infiniti - Get Fresh (Infiniti's 2 A.M. Mix)
07 Prizm and Eclipse - Alcatraz
08 White Label - Trippin'
09 DJ Gigafunk - Ten to the Ninth
10 Black Spider - Save Your Life (Breakbeat Bootleg)
11 K-Roc - People of the Night (Lord of the Beats Mixx)

Recorded using real vinyl on my first pair of turntables, the special edition translucent blue Gemini PT2410’s.


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