Subsonic Harmonics

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This album was recorded in 2014 and was my first ever Drum & Bass recording. To date, I had recorded Breaks, House, and Progressive, with a few sub-genres in between, but I had never attempted Drum & Bass. Growing up in South Florida, Jungle and Drum & Bass were quite popular, especially those played and produced by Aphrodite. I’d always liked that style of music, but was not buying these types of records during the hours I spent crate digging in record stores. I’d seen a few live Drum & Bass performances, the most memorable being Stateside Collective. Feeling inspired and wanting to try something new (both in equipment and in mixing), I decided to search for the right set of digital Drum & Bass tracks and lay them down to produce Subsonic Harmonics. In this recording, I experienced lots of firsts: first Drum & Bass album, first time mixing with time coded vinyl, first time using Serato Scratch Live software (which allows special time coded vinyl to control digital mp3 files using your turntables), first time exploring subsonic (bass you can feel but not hear) frequencies in post production, and finally, my first time harmonically mixing an album. All tracks have a specific key (A Major, D Minor, etc.) to them and not all keys sound great when blended together. These tracks were arranged based more on key than anything else specifically, and demonstrated how seamless mixing sounds when done harmonically.

01 Breakage & Jess Mills – Fighting Fire
02 Schematic – Free Me
03 L-Plus - Amazing
04 The Others - The Way You Make Me (Original Sin Remix)
05 Logistics – Fear Not (Original Mix)
06 Net Sky – Tomorrows Another Day
07 Lenzman - Wordsworth
08 ARP XP & Estel Luz – Closer
09 Rusko - Thunder (Tantrum Desire Remix)
10 LSB – All of My Love
11 Lenzman – Broken Dreams
12 Skream - Anticipate (Feat. Sam Frank)
13 Noisia - Tommy's Theme
14 Netsky - Give & Take
15 Netsky – Love Has Gone
16 Sub Focus – Out The Blue

The short video below is a promo/teaser for the album.


Recorded using timecoded vinyl on Technics 1210 M3D Turntables with Serato Scratch Live


Time coded vinyl on my Tech M3D’s



Serato Scratch Live