Halloween Scare Zone 2021

Another year…another Halloween mix! In last year’s post, I wrote about COVID, and while that’s still around…this year, we need to talk about the gruesomely horrifying Squid Game series on Netflix. It’s not at all Halloween themed, but it’s disturbing enough to win the honorable mention on this post.

In general, the Halloween themed remixes that came out this year were… underwhelming. I had to improvise. Enter…Squid Game remixes. This continuous mix has at least three references to the series, starting with the very first track by Sickick. You know, the dude with the sparkly mask who sings on auto-tune though I am pretty sure he can sing without.

Check out this year’s mix, and see if you can find the 3 references to Squid Game. I only use the clean edits in this one. It’s safe to use as the soundtrack for your Halloween festivities! Greeeeen Light!

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