R-Fresh & Infiniti – Get Fresh

On Saturday, I performed at Holly Dolly’s in Casselberry, FL. Hang on…Let me set the stage for a moment… The performance was scheduled from 9PM-2AM. I arrive at about 8:20PM and it’s raining. Not just a slight drizzle, but full on pouring. I think to myself, who in their right mind wants to be out in this kind of weather? I sure don’t, but I have a job to do.

I park the car and noticed that I was parked unusually far from the bar and I chalked it up to a stroke of bad timing. I begin to unload my equipment…trying not to get it wet, and when I walk into the bar, it was surprisingly full! There was a group of people celebrating a birthday and more people were scattered throughout the bar. I set up my equipment, got the drink specials from the bartender, and began my set. Right out of the gate, I kept it pretty upbeat and after about 90 minutes or so, I ran through a quick set of the very-typical line dances. Following the line dances, I blew through a few classic rock songs, throw back 70s, and then I was back into full on fist-pumping hip-hop/pop/EDM.

Someone at the bar mentioned the were going to the upcoming concert, “Legends of the Old School” at CFE Arena. Armed with good intel, I played tracks from those headlining artists. That kept the place moving and that’s when the magic happened…well for me (and this post) anyway. I got a request to play some old school Florida Breaks. Well, if you have followed DJ career, than you know I won’t think twice about throwing down some breaks! #ChallengeAccepted The guy wanted me to play some Rob-E, but I did not have my vinyl collection handy, so I pulled a digital copy of one of my favorite all-time breakbeat tracks “Get Fresh,” by R-Fresh and Infinity. Oh how I love that track. The first album I ever recorded featured this gem. Short story long, I felt it appropriate to create this post and share a record that is truly one of my all-time favorites.

R-Fresh & Infinity – “Get Fresh”

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