Adrian Gets His Ice Cream

I am releasing a new track this month, but this time I had the help of my boys (Ages 8 and 10) – more on this in a bit. Weeks ago, I started making a new Drum and Bass track, and the process was moving along at a fairly decent pace. The samples, midi notes, and fx were all lining up nicely until I hit writers block and was left with a track that sounded half-baked.

Rather than force the track to completion, I took a break to spend some time with my kids. My son recently had his 8th birthday, and I swear my home look like Legoland had exploded all over the living room floor. They played and played…and played. At some point I sat down to play Legos too, and we played “carnival.” At this carnival, we imagined there was a wolf named Adrian, and he really wanted some ice cream. The trouble is, when Adrian gets his ice cream, he also goes crazy and destroys  everything in sight! He would buck Brenda and HFO girl (her Hair would always Fall Off) off his back (and tail), knock over buildings, and cause fire all around. Absolute mayhem!

Somehow Adrian destroying everything in sight resulted in a moment of music creativity, so that night I went back to the track I had started. It was going to be called, “Catch Me If You Can.” That name was tossed out in favor of “Adrian Gets His Ice Cream,” and the music took on a life of its own. My boys provided feedback. They named some of the percussion, “Barnabees.” The siren reminded them of playing Plants vs Zombies, and the drop was basically the soundtrack to Adrian’s destruction. Finally, toward the end of the track, the gentle piano notes represent the calm after the destruction. It represents a sense of peace after a moment of total chaos, and isn’t that what we all need right now anyway? So there you have it. A new track, available on major streaming services later this month. You can hear it right now, on this post. In fact, play Legos and eat some ice cream while you’re at it. Just don’t destroy stuff!

Adrian Gets His Ice Cream

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