Project Mayhem

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Project Mayhem was the brainchild of me and Justin (OCDJ) and was highly inspired by Sandra Collins’ “Cream” album. This album that consists of more than simple beat-matching.  Instead, it is made up of tracks that cross several different genres of electronic music, meticulously arranged, and with a twist of our own remixing. It subtly combines progressive house and electro, while maintaining a consistent dark tone.

Here are a few fun little facts about the album…

Listen carefully to Track 1 at 03:16. The whisper that you hear is a female voice saying, “C’mon, do that one again.”  On the original record, this vocal is actually played backwards as the record spins forwards. After careful analysis and testing, we spun the record backwards, recorded the sample and placed it on top of its original self.

When you are listening to Track 9 and you hear a voice speaking to you, it’s not Jack Bauer in the TV show “24”, it’s Kiefer Sutherland from the film “Dark City”.

Lastly, when you are listening to the last track, do you notice that the melody is similar to the intro track? This was intentional. It offers a feeling of continuity. We took it a step further and sampled a drop from Desanitize (Track 2), and layered it on top of the breaking point in the final track. At that moment in time, you are hearing elements from tracks 1, 2, and 12, at the same time.

We hope you enjoy!

01 Planopticon; Revealing The Door (Revealing The Reprise)
02 Mara; Desanitize (Original Mix)
03 Dune; Boomerang (Quivver's Boom Q Mix)
04 Shauna Solomon; I Wanna Be (Creamer & K Vocal Mix)
05 Killahurtz vs. Rekelektric; Don't Walk Away (Dub)
06 Quivver; She Does (Quivver's Alternative Mix)
07 SSHH; Hold That Body (Infusion Remix)
08 Piece Process; My Mind Is Going (Original Mix)
09 Quivver; Space Manoeuveres Pt3 (Original Mix)
10 The Future Sound of London; Papua New Guinea (Satoshi Tomiie Main-Path)
11 Phil K & Habersham; Cloudbrake (Lexicon Avenue Remix)
12 Planopticon; Revealing The Door (Revealing The Dub)

Recorded using real vinyl on Technics 1210 M3D Turntables.


A horribly unflattering and tubby picture of me (L) and OCDJ (R) in the early planning phases of the album.

Tweaking and planning