More Breaks

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I believe I recorded this album sometime betweenย 2003ย andย 2004, and it represents an evolution in my personal taste. The “Florida Breaks” album that preceded this was a more “typical” ย breakbeat sound, whereas this album began to incorporate a more progressive/intelligent breakbeat sound. When you begin to deviate from an iconic Florida breakbeat sound (i.e.ย DJ Icey), you end up with sub-genres of music. You really start to notice this difference in tracks 4, 6, and 9-11. I spun this set live at aย rave on a farm, somewhere in Florida.ย That was a locale to remember!

breaks201 DJ Snowman - Waves (Electrance Mix)
02 Infinity and Keith MacKenzie - Shadow
03 R-Fresh and Infinity - Get Fresh
04 Spacemen - M.O.T.U. V2.0
05 D-Pimp - Overload
06 John Creamer & Stephane K - I Love You (Hybrid Mix)
07 Rob-E and Security - LowFreak
08 Merlyn - Solar Flares
09 Kraymon - Who Wants Some (Elite Force Mix)
10 Quiet Killaz - Critical Level
11 Arthur Baker vs New Order - Confusion (Koma and Bones Mix)

Recorded using real vinyl onย my first pair of turntables, the special edition translucent blue Gemini PT2410โ€™s…ah the memories. Pictured below, is an image of me spinning this set, at that farmland rave, using someone else’s equipment.