[This Blog Post was inspired by the Music Production Podcast, episode 2.] It’s been a while since I have written a blog post, but I finally have something to say! It’s time for me to make bad music. Yep! Completely uninteresting, don’t care what anyone thinks, no good, terrible bad […]

Make Bad Music

eXorcist 2K18 (BePetrified Mix) from XCON on Vimeo. It’s OFFICIAL! This is an original production, and it’s just in time for Halloween! It’s a re-imagined version of the classic “Tubular Bells” and it’s dedicated to the cast, crew and guests of APF 2K18! DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.djxcon.com/remixed-and-mashed-up/ Inspired by Mike Oldfield’s […]

FREE DOWNLOAD “eXorcist 2K18 (BePetrified Mix)”

This mix is my second live recording of drum & bass, a genre that has stuck with me since the late 90’s. Allow me to set the stage for this mix and how it came to be. Rewind the time back to the late 90’s and early 00’s, when the […]

Jailbreak 007 – Drum and Bass (Past and Present)

This week, I posted a new mix that includes a little something for everyone. Like all of the Jailbreak mixes, this was recorded in 1 take with no edits, and it’s complete with imperfections. If you are looking for something to listen to on the way to work, at the […]

Jailbreak 006 – A mix of Top 40, Dancehall, Hip ...

Mic check 1…2, is this thing on? It’s no secret that the year 2016 went down in history as one of the craziest years with all of the celebrity deaths followed by a Donald Trump presidency. Even my personal life was dramatically affected by the wrath of 2016. It’s easy […]

2016…the year of Emcee “X”

“It’s been a long time; I shouldn’t have left you…” Now that you have Eric B. and Rakim in your head (or not), now is as good a time as any to announce that I will be spinning at Universal CityWalk’s Rising Star every weekend in September! Check my events […]

Every weekend in September!

A new video is born thanks to a good friend of mine who helped edit the footage (Thanks Mark!!). It’s amazing what you can accomplish in just a few hours along with a few beers.    For the complete audio mix, click here.

Video – XCON Live at The Groove

Link to my live mix from The Groove included in this post! WARNING This is a long post. Here is the “too long; didn’t read” version: tl;dr: Grad Bash is a once-a-year event for seniors going into college and they party at CityWalk. I have been scheduled for three events and at the […]

Without the bitter, the sweet isn’t as sweet

It’s been just over a year since I began using the Numark NV, and it’s still one of the best pieces of gear I have owned. This thing has so much functionality jam-packed into a lightweight portable DJ console. It’s reasonably priced (at least half the price of club-installed equipment), […]

Replacing the Crossfader on the Numark NV

Well this news certainly comes as a pleasant surprise! One of our record pools (place where DJs buy music online), Digital DJ Pool, allows DJs to upload their own music. On February 21st, I uploaded my breakbeat remix/mashup of T-Wayne’s “Nasty Freestyle,” and as of today, it’s in the number […]

My Mashup of “Nasty Freestyle” Tops the Breakbeat Chart!