Live @ CityWalk – July 17, 2015

When I created this site, my hope was to bring about new content on a regular basis. So…over the weekend I uploaded a short video to Facebook, andย now that video is available here on the page called…you may have guessed it,ย Videos. It’s the first video of hopefully many. The MC (Rob) took the footage during two of the mixes.ย The first was “Whoomp, There it is” and “Tootsie Roll.” ย As Tootsie Roll was coming in, I used a technique called cue-point juggling, which gives it a unique remix effect. Next, MC Robย captured footage of remixes betweenย both Blow and Black Widow. No cue point juggling here – just a good ol’ fashion beat match and a few different filtering combinations. This mix is kind of a mind bender (keeping it clean folks!) because Blow is at a point where the energy is really high, while the lyrics of Black Widow haveย a slower, almost creepy, tone. The energy lets up for a brief moment, and then it kicks.

Hope you enjoy the mix!

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